Interview with Joakim Nilsson, head of Social Media at BetclicJoakim Nilsson, Interview with The Myndset

Joakim Nilsson has been in charge of social media at Betclic Everest Group for over a year and a half.  Previously, he had been with in Malta and has 6 years experience in the online gaming industry.  I met Joakim doing a panel on Social Media Club Internet TV about social media trends (see the show here), along with Frederic Bascanuna, Pamela Poole and Fabrice Epelboin.  In this podcast interview, we discussed the implementation of a social media dashboard, as well as a couple of interesting operational case studies at Betclic  Everest, including how to create an ambassador fan page on Facebook and some outbound customer service activities.

2012 forecast for social media

We finished with a review of Joakim’s forecast for social media in 2012.  Here’s the précis from Joakim:

  1. companies will no longer organize for, but around social media
  2. organizations will recognize the value of customer influence
  3. 2012 will be the breakout year of Google +

Sites mentioned by Joakim:

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  • Joakim Nilsson’s Blog: Social Business and Web Strategy
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