At this year’s Netexplo Forum*, Silkroad Point was given one of the top 10 new tech awards.  Presented by Brian Platz, founder and COO, the Silkroad Point was a project that created quite a stir in Paris (the forum is hosted at the UNESCO HQ).

Brian Platz, on the Myndset Digital Marketing

Brian Platz, Silkroad Point

silkroad logo, on The Myndset Digital Marketing and BrandingIn the fifth and last of this podcast interview series, I caught up with Brian.  Silkroad Point is cloud-based system providing social talent management software and solutions for HR…  In short, it is a system that can accompany a more evolved form of leadership.  Among its many facets, Silkroad will help Human Resources team to calculate an employee’s level of influence in social media circles… At its heart, Silkroad social enterprise solution that brings together features of social networking, collaboration, and talent management to help companies track and properly motivate staff.   Silkroad Point generates relationship maps that identify contributors, but also illustrate how much each contributes, and on whom and on which topics they have influence. A most fascinating concept, based on a sound principle: that employees — especially knowledge workers — work better when they are better appreciated and understood!

*Netexplo, founded by my friend Thierry Happe and Martine Bidegain, is an observatory of new tech trends around the world, with which I have been associated for the last couple of years.

You can also take a look at this little animated video from Netexplo about Silkroad Point here.


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