Despite being a regular and long time user of Twitter, I only just found out these new little commands below.  They are gorgeous.  So enjoy!   When using these commands, do not add the @ symbol to the username (aka Twitter handle).

Twitter’s social shortcuts

  • Twitter bird logo with arrow, The Myndset Digital Marketing StrategyFast follow!  Want to follow someone without having to do a whole lot of unnecessary steps?  Tweet the following expression: f [username] or follow [username].  For example, f mdial or follow mdial.   This is especially useful if you have multiple accounts and are using a service like Tweetdeck
  • Fast unfollow!  Tired of someone’s diatribe?  All you have to do is tweet: unfollow [username]
  • Want someone’s tweets to be texted to your mobile? on [username]
  • You are probably aware of the Direct Message function DM [username] + message or D [username] + message, which sends a personal and private message to a person [and that person only] who must be following you.  What I didn’t know, you can also use M [username] + message !  BTW, you can use lower or upper case for these commands.  And another thing: if you delete a DM (or D or M) you have sent, it will also disappear from the destination inbox.  Good to know, no?
  • To retrieve someone’s latest tweet and send it to your mobile:  g [username] or get [username].

BTW, theses commands were designed by Twitter to enhance the mobile/SMS interface, but the ones I have selected work on and are suitable for the web version.  You can find the full list of the SMS-related commands here on Twitter’s support page.

Acronyms ahoy (SMS and/or Twitter)

One last one.  Do you know about the acronym “OH”?  As in: OH: on the train…?  It stands for “overheard.”  You can’t track the OH: tweets, because you’ll just get all the tweets with “oh” in it and, there are a boatload of those.  But, it can be a fun one when you read it.  Meanwhile, a good resource on Twitter acronyms was just published by Tia Fisher on Social Media Today.

Other favorite acronyms or abbreviations:

  • HAND = Have a nice day
  • ROTFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
  • HTH = Hope that helped
And then there’s:
  • CD9 = Code 9, parents are around
  • PNP = Party and play
  • YOLO = You only live once

Alternatively, for further help, you should refer to Twittonary, which allows you to search for all twitter related terms.

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