Dear Ma’amite, May I have some more?

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How much do you love Marmite?

Passing through Waitrose this weekend, I came across this Diamond Jubilee version of Marmite.  For the British, it is a fitting link between two grand institutions: the Queen and Marmite, 100% British and 100% British Yeast.

Ma'amite Marmite, The Myndset Digital marketing strategy

marmite bottle, The Myndset Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy

Ma’amite: An enchanting promotion

The concept, the decor and the wording are delightful — for those who like Marmite, that is.  And, the price is no more than the usual — so no profiteering.  There is even a nice little double entendre with “toasting” — cheers to Ma’am, while putting Marmite on your toast.  For the record, just in case you have never come across a regular jar of Marmite, this is what it looks like.

Marmite XO: A fitting brand extension

And, for good measure, I also liked the cognac-inspired Marmite XO version: deluxe packaging and pricing.  The XO version is priced at ₤3.99 (₤1.60 per 100g versus ₤1.25 for the usual recipe).  I have written in the past about Marmite and some great and supremely funny Marmite ads done by DDB.  Hats off to Marmite Marketing team!

Marmite XO, The Myndset Digital Marketing Strategy

I believe these are well founded brand extensions and/or promotions for the Marmite brand.  I hope that their originality paid off.  What do you think?

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