The power of the storystory telling, The Myndset Digital Marketing Strategy

Today, there is much written about storytelling. You can use storytelling as a technique for a speech.  For the more powerful brands, you can build a story, crafted out of its history. You can conceive of a beautiful story to recount in a video, in the {faint} hope that it goes “viral.”  And, then there is also the entertainment industry, whose lifeblood depends on the art of storytelling and the narrative arc.

The customer journey

On the other side, we often talk about the customer journey. What path or circuit will a customer take as she/he wanders through the [brick & mortar] store? In terms of an eCommerce site, we look at the navigation path of the eyeballs and/or mouse clicks. More sophisticated marketers might investigate the attribution trail — thinking of the complex web that a customer knits before finally pulling the trigger.

The journey as a story?

Doing a proverbial mashup of these two thoughts, it occurred to me that we might want to explore the navigational journey on a website and/or in a store as a story in itself. What journey or story do you want to tell them. Or better yet, what story would you like them to tell others?

Your thoughts?

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