Tesco Redcurrant Jelly, Out of the Box Marketing?

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Sometimes you come across some of the most unlikely marketing maneuvers, presumably designed as out of the box marketing.

NEW as in recycled

A marketing manager’s refrain might be: “just slap NEW onto it” and people will come running! {Click to Tweet!}

I recently came across a marketing ploy that took me like a Heimlich maneuver, except I hadn’t swallowed anything yet.

Out of the box marketing – change category

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At breakfast, I tend to be rather simple. A bowl of cereal or a cherished marmalade.  I was positively jolted out of the morning slumber when I discovered this Tesco Redcurrant Jelly.  I could hardly believe my eyes. The kids were equally aghast, I might add.

So I want to launch a poll, to see if we’re the crazy ones here!?

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In your opinion, the label with “Tesco Redcurrant Jelly, Delicious with Chicken” is:

  • Completely normal
  • Normal, after I think about it a bit
  • Completely insane
  • More than insane, especially after I think about it a bit
  • Don’t care or don’t know

Click here to answer the survey.

So, you kind of have a suspicion that the TESCO marketing department was hoping that they might expand the category and get into the jelly+chicken zone!  Someone has to keep the sanity, though.

For one, I couldn’t imagine also using my jelly with chicken at my 7am breakfast.

Is this good out of the box marketing, or marketing gone awry?


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