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In a world of cross channels and plethoric information and entertainment, the issue will ultimately come down to: why you?  On the internet, everything can be everywhere multiple times over.  But, why would yours stand out?  This is where the power of exclusivity takes all its weight.

The creation of exclusive content is, of course, not enough. It must be good (if not great) content.  And it must be findable.

The price of exclusivity

Media companies were among the first industries to be hit by the “freedom” of the Internet.  Digital Rights Management has matured somewhat to provide some manner of control, but it’s still a leaky sieve.  The models of Apple and Facebook, while both different, demonstrate the need (and benefits) to control the user experience.  The era of the totally open API is basically over, that is if you want to make money.  It appears that ownership, control and monetization have become substantially interlinked.

Netflix house-of-cards, Power of exclusivity, The Myndset | Digital marketing and brand strategy by Minter Dial

Netflix’s deal (valued at $100MM) to “own” and be sole distributor of House of Cards is a testament to the importance of exclusivity.  Exclusivity is expensive.  It’s what drives the luxury market.   The challenge on the net is to convert that exclusivity into a valuable money stream.  Why it’s expensive on the Internet is that it must meet these three criteria:

  • the quality must be excellent
  • the content must be findable
  • and it must be protected (from piracy)

 Best, First or Only

Any self-respecting marketer knows the mantra to be either the best, the first or the only one.  {Click to tweet out this mantra}  Invariably, in the news business, it’s all about being the first to scoop.  Alternatively, there is the exclusive interview.  The best moniker, however, is the most elusive and typically is the domain of word of mouth marketing.

The power of exclusivity

Excusivity, Power of exclusivity, The Myndset | Digital marketing and brand strategy by Minter Dial

Exclusivity, meanwhile, is the kingpin of only.  For brands, the challenge is to be able to create exclusivity (or “rarity”) not just in the products they produce, but in the services they provide around the product.  Exclusivity — as in an exclusive invitation or exclusive content — is a great marketing tool to give value to loyal clients.  It’s what underpins the limited series concept.  Yet, creating exclusive and great content on the web may be one of the greatest unexploited opportunities out there for brands.  Why?  Because up until today, marketers have been trained to focus on and talk about themselves.  If the content can be converted to feed the customers’ vantage point, enticing them with trustworthy and useful and/or entertaining material, the trust factor will rise and business should end up flowing in.  Making that content exclusive will mean baking in the core values of the brand, such that no other brand would even want to have such content, much less be allowed to use it.  This is certainly why the brands with great stories to tell have an advantage.  Should all brands play the exclusivity card?  Absolutely not, because it must be done with attention, so as not to burn bridges.  However, I believe brand marketers could pay more attention on how to render some of their content more exclusive.  Afterwards, that content must then reach the right ears/eyes.

How do you react to that?

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