You have presumably seen how popular infographics have become.  We also know the power of a great storyteller. I wanted to weave the two notions together and create a Storygraphic. A storygraphic could be defined as a standalone image-based timeline that recounts a story with rich media integrated.  Some infographics have the potential to be considered storygraphics already, so this is not an invention in form. However, I think by giving the concept a name, it could help inspire more of the same.

Rich media storygraphic

Herewith is my first storygraphic. It is based around the story of my grandfather, Lt Cdr Minter Dial, after whom I was named.  When you roll over certain of the segments, you will find relevant clickable links. At the bottom you will find some social buttons, as well as a way to download should you like to!

What do you think of the storygraphic concept? Please do give me your comments, share and/or download as you see fit!  And please consider joining the Facebook page in his honor!

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