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This week’s interesting site*,, is an aggregator of infographics, a whole new “industry,” that has exploded onto the scenes, and a reflection on our times.  In a world where we are swamped with information and starved for time, the visual representation of data is eye-catching and effective.  Every day we are hit with 1+ billion pieces of content on Facebook (source Facebook stats), 350 billion tweets on Twitter (source TwitterEng Tweet) and 3 billion views on Youtube (source YouTubeBlog) — numbers that are probably still accelerating even as we speak.

Below is a screen capture from’s video explaining the growth of infographics.  The site offers a whole host of infographics by category.  You can also create your own with their help (in the Labs section).  It’s a central place for graphic artists who are creating their own infographics.  Among other things, it’s good eye candy, which brings me to the last point:  just because it is an infographic does not mean that it is true.  The infographic is deceptive in that it tends to look official and formal.  However, I have seen many with misinformation.  All the same, infographics are a tremendous tool when done well and add spice to presentations.

Infographics growth

Explosive growth of a new “industry”

*This is a regular posting on Friday’s where I identify what I think is an interesting site.  Please do tweet it out if you like it, too! #interestingsite

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