Minter Dialogue #64

Reinventing You, The Myndset digital marketingThis interview is with Dorie Clark, whom I met at SXSW2013 thanks to my friend Vince Jordan. Dorie has just released her new book “Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future,” published by the Harvard Business Review Press. A former presidential campaign spokesperson in the US, and a professor and lecturer at some of the most prestigious institutions, Dorie is also a frequent contributor to Forbes and the HBR. In this interview, we discuss what it means to define your personal brand, how to measure it and some of the key issues for individuals — including the CEO — to develop personal branding within the company. Some great insights.  You can read a great write-up in Forbes on Reinventing You. For those of you who are regular listeners, you will find a new jingle at the beginning of the show, courtesy of my friend, Pierre Journel, author of the Guitar Channel. I invite you to take a spin! You can also sign up to the Minter Dialogue podcast here via iTunes.  

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