We can, at last, affirm that Digital Marketing has gone mainstream for all FMCG companies – around the world.  As companies continue to focus in on their digital marketing strategy and investments, the challenge remains integrating and blending the digital component with the traditional marketing activities.  While it’s still considered somewhat of a foreign entity by many senior managers, digital marketing is given a specific emphasis; it is singled out.  In short order, however, it will seem rather odd that people will be isolated as digital marketers, just like we don’t talk about TV or magazine marketers.  It is, nonetheless, necessary to get some fundamentals right in order to create and layer in a successful digital marketing strategy.

Coming off a seminar I gave for Tencent in Shanghai, I defined what I believe are the four key principles that are needed to accompany a wining digital marketing strategy.

  1. Create Meaning & Find your Voice.

brand voice, myndset digital marketing strategy

Especially in a social media enhanced world, where brands are conversing directly with customers, brands must clearly define their position and values.  The brand values must be shared throughout the organization.  When it comes to creating a social media editorial line, brands should strive to find a voice, develop a point of view and not be afraid to express an opinion.  {Click to tweet please!}  By doing so, a brand will be better able to create meaningful and engaging content.

  1. Engagement begins with the Employee.

In a hyper competitive world, where resources are inevitably limited and where digital media enables direct contact between the brand and customers, the most valuable asset is the employee.  Brands need to pay particular attention to sharing and spreading the brand values, making employees feel an integral part of the brand and becoming its number one fans.  {Click to Tweet}

  1. Focus on de facto Customer Centricity.

Digital marketing – and social media in particular – is enabling a 1-2-1 type of marketing.  However, most brands tend to remain focused on their own messages and prerogatives, obscuring a brand’s ability to listen properly and engage with customers.  Many companies are already talking about being customer centric – the term is almost banal.  The challenge is making the statement come alive in the mind of the customer (and having the employee believe it, too).  {Click to Tweet}

  1. Stress the importance of Loyalty.

customer loyalty, brand voice, myndset digital marketing strategy

As much as management will understand that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, they will also be the first to ask how many new fans or likes there are on the social media platforms.  Yet, the issue is not about acquisition because, as a newly acquired fan comes on board, the most important factor is keeping them.  It is well documented that loyal customers are less expensive.  They are the ones that will speak most convincingly about the brand/product.  They are more likely willing to try new products.  And, they can be useful allies for research & development or support in times of crises.  However, it is not just about creating some loyalty programme that is typically a purchase reward scheme.  {Click to Tweet}

In social media, granted there is a need for critical mass.  But, it cannot be about the number of fans.  There is a huge importance to focus on those customers who are most loyal and engaged. The question is: how many brand marketers are even aware of whom, among their swarms of followers, are the really important “fans” versus the chaff, i.e. those who, with little vim or conviction, once clicked nonchalantly on the LIKE button.  This work is strategic and in itself may require a big shift in management’s mindset.

Do you see any other fundamentals in creating a winning digital marketing strategy?

Your feedback is not just encouraged.  It is requested!

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