What's New? Glad, The Myndset Digital Marketing Brand Strategy

For the longest part of my career, I was trained to venerate “new.”  Every sales cycle, it was all about the new product launch.  Sometimes, for lack of anything better, it was just a new format or new size.  At the very least, there had to be the latest promotions.   The salesperson trained the client so that her first line was always, “so, what’s new?”  Then, internally, it was all about the number of new clients that were gained during that cycle.

What’s new news?

What's New?  The Myndset Digital Marketing Brand Strategy

Societally, we all crave the news.  Talking about what’s old hardly seems inviting.  We can all envision grandpa rehashing those old war stories for the nth time.  But, therein lies the true value: storytelling, our past, our values.  Instead, we tend to jump on the new news: corruption in government, violence on the street corner, bankruptcy proceedings, the latest stormfront…  New is to the attention span, what coffee is to the brain.  {Click to Tweet}  It tends to open up our neurons.  Innovation is absolutely critical to an organization.  However, it’s a question of dosage.  Moreover, innovation can and should come throughout the organization and should not be solely a question of new products.

I think it is high time for brand marketers to focus in on the old.  We’re not talking out-of-date, rotten items.  We’re talking customers loyalty, store-for-store growth and storytelling.  If marketers were able to dedicate more resources successfully to this trifecta of “old” news, then the chances are that the new business will come.  After all, what’s the point of having a new customer or product if it is only bound to disappear?  Then’s what’s new is that business may start growing healthily!

Your thoughts welcome!

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