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How clean is your own backyard?

Before evaluating the new shiny object of big data and social CRM, it seems that many top executives would do better just to manage their own inbox and contact list properly. It is my observation that many executives have a very difficult time managing their email inbox, much less the onslaught of social, text and voice messages. Moreover, if one were to poke inside their contacts, one might fight an equally similar disorder. And yet, these same executives are jumping on the Big Data bandwagon, looking to make order (and money) out of the cacophony of data available on their clients and prospects. Maybe, top executives should start in their own backyard to master their own data, before looking to manage the bigger material? That way, at a minimum, executives will understand better the different way messages are digested on the different platforms, and consumers are facing the same problems.

“Getting” the customer first

Part of the success of customer relationship management system, social or not, is managing to treat each customer as a singular individual as opposed to a slew of different IDs. Secondly, messages must be contextual and platform appropriate. If more CEOs were actively using Facebook, Twitter and/ort other social sites, they might be better equipped to approve less invasive, more attractive social media initiatives. Native advertising seems intuitively right; but, all these sponsored ads, promoted tweets, retargeted banners may run aground if there is not a little common sense applied to the digital marketing mindset.

Small data and communications

Here are three things that a top executive might want to do in order to get the small data in order, before tackling big data and more sophisticated CRM initiatives:

  1. To the extent the CEO is a role model, the way he/she manages the incoming communications will inevitably trickle down throughout the organization.  If, as a top executive, you don’t plan to answer all messages, let it be known!  This can include adding an automatic reply mail saying something along the lines “I cannot reply to the volume of mail I receive…”
  2. Call your own head office and see how well you are treated and how easy it is to reach a certain person (including yourself)?  Some companies continue to have endless automated loops or disdainful live operators — and I’m sure the top brass isn’t even aware.
  3. Most importantly, I believe that senior management must get more comfortable with the new digital tools and platforms themselves.  {Click to tweet}  This cannot be outsourced infinitely.  If not the CEO, then make sure that several members of the ExCom are digitally oriented or savvy.  As I like to say, it is important to up the digital IQ of senior executives.

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