Interview With David Zinger, Expert, Speaker And Author On Employee Engagement (MDE84)

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Minter Dialogue Episode #84

David-Zinger-Employee-Engagement, The Myndset digital marketing brand strategyThis interview, recorded right before the Christmas break, is with David Zinger, world renowned expert on employee engagement. David is a prolific author and blogger on the topic, and founder of the flourishing Employee Engagement Network. Employee engagement is of special interest to me because of the importance of the individual employee in his/her role of re-presenting the brand on the front line with customers. By the way, you can also sign up to the Minter Dialogue podcast here via iTunes.

To connect with David Zinger and pursue the employee engagement conversation:

Sites and/or books mentioned by David:

  • The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work, by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer
  • David’s PDF: “39 lessons on organizations, work and engagement from honey bees.”
  • People Artistry at Work: The Ennoblement Imperative” by Peter W. Hart and David Zinger. You can send an email to David Zinger here

Further resources for the Minter Dialogue Radio Show:

iTunes RSS Minter Dialogue Podcast - Branding Gets Personal Meanwhile, you can find my other English-speaking interviews on the Minter Dialogue Radio Show on Megaphone or via iTunes.  Please don’t be shy about rating this podcast on iTunes!   And for the francophones reading this, if you want to get more podcasts, you can also find my radio show en français over at :, on Megaphone or in iTunes. Music credit: The jingle at the beginning of the show is courtesy of my friend, Pierre Journel, author of the Guitar Channel. I invite you to take a spin!

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  1. […] Employee engagement has long been bandied about as an important business driver. It is my belief that the focus on customer centricity has, if nothing else, put a new-found urgency into the need for great employee engagement. The reason for this is simple: digital has disintermediated contact between the brand and the customer. Customers are talking and engaging with multiple touch points, including themselves. The congruency and consistency of the customer experience with the employee who is contact with the customer will assuredly qualify the success of a customer centric organization. The people on the front — customer service, sales (store personnel, etc) and the social media/community manager — will be making the brand come to life in the eyes of the customer. Sure there remains mainstream media, email and SMS campaigns, etc. to contact and attract customers; however, the human contact will be critical in the chain. This is the premise behind the Customer Centric Model that I talk about: […]

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