Do you have a purpose that can drive innovation?

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I wrote recently about the innovation-confidentiality conundrum and how the code or veil of secrecy can have a negative impact on the spirit of creativity and innovation. The main point of that article was to invite senior management to make sure that the degree of confidentiality be whittled down to the minimal viable level. In other words, leadership needs to define explicitly what strategic information needs to be kept under guard in order to liberate and fluidify information and communication throughout the organization.

The power of purpose

Bletchley Park - purpose innovation - the myndset brand strategy

If there is one force that can overcome pretty much any obstacle, it is the power of a collective team that feels inhabited by the purpose of doing good. {Tweet this} A shared purpose can be so strong that it creates its own engine of motivation and resources. The shining example of how purpose can power through even cloak & dagger secrecy is the work by the team of Alan Turing et al. at Bletchely Park (in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK). Working secretly and around the clock, the team at Bletchley Park were totally inspired to intercept and break the Enigma codes.

Purpose-led innovation

Many brands suffer from just pumping out new products in order to have something new to say in the magazines or to sell in to their distributor network. There is no higher purpose than tweaking formulas to be able to write “NEW” on the packaging. These companies usually also suffer from considerable inhouse politics, siloed departments and, ultimately, disengaged employees. Purpose becomes the meta driver that can transcend “smaller” issues. {Tweet this} I believe that when a brand has a powerful purpose, fully shared by the team, it can have a supreme impact on the productivity, creativity and, even, on the spirit of innovation. For full effect, it still takes leadership and stewardship, as well as making sure that you hire for attitude (and values).

Your thoughts?

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  1. laurentp

    I recently performed a study of the blog posts from a list of top 700 ‘innovation’ influencers. Purpose is one of the core element that came up when analysis their conversations. Innovation has become a buzzword and with it comes the risk of just becoming self-fulfilling. Purpose is the why behind the what and it help do innovation right.

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