Is this digital marketing or delusional marketing?

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Delusional marketing not digital marketing - the myndset brand strategyMarketing teams around the world are pushing the digital agenda. The better among them are scratching their heads about the ROI, how to create an effective integrated campaign and where to find the best talent. The answers are far from easy. Meanwhile, there are many that continue to bark up the wrong tree, investing in delusional marketing rather than effective digital marketing.

10 signs of delusional marketing

Ten signs you are doing delusional marketing instead of bona fide digital marketing (not in any specific order):

  1. Your business card has your fax number and no mobile number (forget about a social media profile) {Tweet this!}
  2. You think that what works today will work tomorrow
  3. You believe you always know better than your client(s)
  4. The only thing that counts is product performance
  5. Social media community management should be outsourced
  6. Your mobile site is {still} not fully optimized {Tweet this!}
  7. Your customer service is not on social media
  8. No one on the executive committee has a social media presence {Tweet this!}
  9. The answer to a diminishing email open rate is to send one more weekly mail {Tweet this!}
  10. You plan to create a viral video.

And the bonus: it’s all about the number of fans and likes.

Agree or disagree with any of the above? How often do you see executives and/or digital marketers with any of these? Do you have any other examples to add in?

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