The use of digital tools, devices and platforms to enhance the retail experience seems like an obvious strategic fit. From the consumer’s standpoint, it is increasingly a must. Yet, brands are only timidly making forays in digital in retail (aka”digitail“). Brands with their own stores are often reluctant because of the risk and/or cost. Brands selling through wholesalers most likely have not figured out how to work closely enough together to make the digital experience optimal (lack of trust, incompatible systems, data ownership…). Meanwhile, the opportunity to wow, engage and seduce consumers is truly ripe for the picking.

Digital in Retail Rules

Here are the seven golden rules for crafting a strong and immersive retail experience using digital tools and platforms.

  1. Digital in Retail DIgitail-design-myndsetEstablish objectives for the digital activity in your store that are in line with your overall business objectives
  2. The mobile is the crown jewel – consider the role of the mobile throughout the consumer journey & experience. Be open to emerging technologies and new usages by the consumer {Click to Tweet!}
  3. Customer data — that must be permission-based — is gold. It is absolutely essential to optimize the retail experience. Find ways to create a single view of the customer and to personalise the experience with relevant interactions
  4. Testing and learning must be baked in to the process. Involve the staff as the primary beta users. NB: Create the pilot in a store that is representative of your overall retail network {Click “Test & Learn” to Tweet!}
  5. Involve — from the beginning — the in-store personnel. They should play a key role in making the digital experience come to life. Plan for regular and ongoing training and feedback sessions from in-store personnel. Identify and recognize your star users (internal)
  6. Don’t scrimp on connectivity – make sure that the wifi or internet connection is dimensioned for much more than current usage
  7. Find the right partners. This means your agency and technology suppliers, but also the retailer (if it is not an owned store) with which you are working.

Your thoughts and reactions are welcome. Any golden rules you would like to add?

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