Minter Dialogue Episode #147tamara mccleary

This interview is with Tamara McCleary, Ms RelationShift, who is an expert in relationships and organizational culture. An internationally recognized speaker and author, Tamara is ranked in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers. In this podcast, Tamara and I discuss ways to help foster relationships in business, to break down silos, work across channels and different cultures. A vibrant conversation!
We need to shift the mindset from ‘we all need to think alike’ into the mindset that difference is good. Difference brings to the table thrill and excitement.”{♺!}
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Shoutouts and people to follow by Tamara:

  • @BryanKramer – the man behind H2H!
  • @TedRubin (Ted is a previous guest on the show too!) – Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators
  • Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz on Twitter – Change Evangelist, Millennial Mindset Speaker
  • @JoelComm – author of Twitter Power
  • Britt Michaelian – Host of the Mass Amplify Show.
  • Laura Fitton – founder of OneForty – @Pistachio on Twitter
  • Rachel Miller @rachelloumiller – Chief Listener @PipelinerCRM.
  • Courtney Smith Kramer @cshasarrived – Creative director/co-founder Pure Matter.
  • Amber Armstrong @ambarmstrong on Twitter – Program Director, Social Business Market Making and Evangelism at IBM
  • Melany Berger – @melanyB12 – GuydLines
  • Ann Handley @marketingprofs – Head of Content
  • @KimGarst – Founder and CEO of Boom! Social
  • @MarshaCollier – author of 48 books, including the “For Dummies” series
  • @MeghanMBiro – CEO of Talent Culture
  • @SusanGilbert – Social Media programs with focus

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