Bringing “diversity” into a company is not an assignment for one individual, as diversity can only work when everyone is on board. Accepting diverse backgrounds and opinions in a company must happen at every level of the organisation. It may not be the easy route, but it certainly is the better route and, over the long term, with the right attitude is by far the best approach. 

I continue with one of my favourite quotes:

Go alone and you (might) go faster. Go together and we will go further. #mindset Share on X

In the same vein, sustainable development is not something that can be delegated to a Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Turning off lights in the office and sorting out recycled trash versus rubbish should be the responsibility of each individual in the company. Naturally, there are technologies that can help reduce water and electricity consumption. However, as we see time and again with technology, nothing is stronger than when machine and human being are working together.

And finally, when it comes to digital transformation, again it behooves the people throughout the organisation to be digital. If it is important to have a head of IT or of Digital to help focus and/or centralise some of the infrastructure questions, the more important force of change is when the CEO is digital him or herself.

Whether it is diversity, sustainable development or digital transformation, they all need three important components for success:

So, who is your chief mindset officer? If it’s not the CEO, maybe you should head for the woods.

For recommended reading: Avivah Wittenberg-Cox and Alison Maitland wrote presciently about the powerful 3Ws: women, web and the weather: Why Women Mean Business.

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