You know those pestering calls you get where someone informs you, often with a foreign accent, that you’ve been in a car accident and are due some compensation…? It seems that these calls just continue to come despite the evermore unfriendly reactions that people (including myself) around the world are giving to these poor mules. Well, I wonder if some of these malevolent teams didn’t get inspired by the recent Google Duplex demonstration and create an automation process, complete with um’s and er’s, to render the process automated and seemingly human… thereby eliminating some of the regular abuse the mules are receiving as soon as you recognise the miserable intent of the call.

Automated Spam Call…

A recent call in the UK erred and the automated spam message went to my voice mail, so I was able to record how it works. Here it is (just 20 seconds long):

The intonations, the non word, the gaps… and the inevitable use of voice recognition and AI for evil, don’t you think?

If only it meant something, but here’s their number if you feel like calling them back: +447100568264. If only that did some good!

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