Human-centred design for the world’s first empathy engine for finance, with Uday Akkaraju, CEO of Bond.AI (MDE344)

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Minter Dialogue with Uday Akkaraju

Uday Akkaraju, CEO and founder of Bond.AI is on a mission to bring empathy to the finance world. is a human centred AI Platform for financial institutions, powered by the world’s first empathy engine for finance. Uday is a bona fide innovator, technologist and designer. In this conversation with Uday we talk about his entrepreneurial journey on why he started, how he’s creating an empathic AI, his increasingly sophisticated work with personas, the challenges and power of creating the right voice and much more.

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Music credit: The jingle at the beginning of the show is courtesy of my friend, Pierre Journel, author of the Guitar Channel. And, the new sign-off music is “A Convinced Man,” a song I co-wrote and recorded with Stephanie Singer back in the late 1980s (please excuse the quality of the sound!).

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  1. Marina

    It could be quite a dangerous tool in the wrong hands! Imagine a fraudster getting hold of it.
    And an unscrupulous bank could also use it to its advantage to sell more products to its customers.
    Or am I too cynical?

  2. Andrew

    Company name is a little misleading – I spent the first part of the video trying to work out how this was related to bond issuance or trading…!

    Notwithstanding that, my main question is whether these are really ‘empathy models’ or more ‘behavioural models’ – using various ML / NLP techniques to help tailor services to a customer by identifying and responding to their situation, behaviours and interactions / communications is a broad problem set, and there are a fair few companies & startups offering solutions in this space. Would need to look under the hood to see how it differentiates itself, as some of the others are a little heavier on the marketing slogans than what they’ve actually implemented….

  3. Jay

    Very interesting product, I could certainly see it helping to increase the efficiency of the bank call centers while also reducing headcount. I guess this would be a big add for clients and maybe a differentiating factor.
    Maybe this will even help to improve banks reputation for client service in the long run.

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