In an effort to divert our attention from panic and to focus it on the future, I wanted to put out a couple of polls about how this Covid-19 pandemic might change our lives. I wonder what (if any) long-term effects there will be? What impact will it have on us personally and on society at large. I set up these two quick polls on Twitter and hope that you’ll participate. Please drop in your answer if you’re on Twitter!

How will Coronavirus Covid-19 most change your own (personal) habits?

  • Better personal hygiene
  • More reading
  • More messaging (emails)
  • More films & internet

Watch out: this poll closes around noon London time on Monday:

On which (macro) area will the Covid-19 Coronavirus have the most lasting effect?

  • Politics
  • Social habits
  • Business
  • Healthcare management

Watch out: this poll closes Sunday March 22.

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