At home or in business, we are always told to avoid politics (not sex and rock’n’roll fortunately). The notion of providing a solution to the problem is rarely addressed in those dangerous “political” conversations that risk getting heated. Most of the time, we are basing our point of view on what he hear about in/from the press (or perhaps, worse, repeating what we heard at a dinner party). Considering the press only gets a portion of the truth and really only wants to sell its “truth” (it’s a business), it seems that we are not being very responsible (if we took business decisions with as little information, we could be in trouble).

Instead of just talking about the issues, talk about what needs to be done, talk about solutions, talk about action. Put your words into motion.

It also strikes me that people, who spend their time criticizing politicians (and worthily in many cases) cannot fathom coming up with what a politician (that they support-ed) did well or actually achieved during his/her tenure. Curious, no?

We need to get real.

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