The Philadelphia Flyers Flunk

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Well, the Flyers may be hoping to gain something out of the last few games of the season: early rest? I have a feeling that there are few friends of mine in Montreal who are laughing at my expense these days… all I can aspire for is that the Flyers capitalize on the good draft picks at the end of the year… what a dismal season — the better to be watched from afar. I can hopefully enjoy the Habs success in the meantime. (See picture from October 2005 with the Habs mascot and some of the LP team).

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  1. Ned Bouhalassa

    Yeah, well, the Bruins have sucked pretty bad as well. At least you guys will get a higher draft pick number! I’m sure the Flyers and Bruins will meet in a semi-final series… in 2010! 😉

  2. MD

    As I said in my comment under “going public”, I think it is fairly artificial that you can have such a dumpy season and then get rewarded with great draft picks the following season. I’ve always been a fan of the promotion and relegation process in European football leagues… For example, PSG will be demoted this year! Unimaginable… Or you have Leeds United that is languishing at bottom of (formerly called) Divison 2… ouch.

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