Okay, try this new film pitch: the “Cosmic Comedy of Errors” meets “Vaudevillian Shaggy Dog.” If you have seen either of those films, then you are clearly deluded. If you haven’t seen (or don’t remember seeing) either of those films, it’s ok. They are fabrication (clue: there are no links). What’s the point? The current doping saga seems to be taking on cosmic comic proportion meant for a grade C film. Thursday this week just another day in the Tour of Italy bicycle race. And there were three more riders that were tagged with non-normal blood tests. It is amazing that over the years the bicycling community was able to keep a firm lid on the doping — but now the goo is oozing, so many people have already been identified/busted and presumably there is a lot of internal finger pointing within the community. In a few years time we’ll again see normal people racing on television and some may even get off their bike to huff and puff up the Alps. When I watch professional bicycling, I truly believe the excitement matches watching a hamster exercising in its wheel. That said, the physical effort of a “climber” has always amazed me — and, of course, back in the beginning they all were doing it naturally. Maybe fat bottom girls are still in?

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