My friend, Black Peter, in LA, nailed this one for me as I was walking home through the streets of Paris listening through my IPOD to the Grateful Dead’s 1983 concert at the Warfield Theatre, SF. I told him that I was listening to the music as it kept me sane in a crazy world. Peter’s retort: “When we were younger, we used to listen to the same music to bring craziness to a sane world.” So right you are, Peter! Of course, in those days, we would sing at the top of our voices that when we got confused, listen to the music play. It seems that, in these hyper-frenetic times, those words are more appropriate today. And re-reading the lyrics of Crazy Fingers, I enjoy the change in prism:

“Gone are the broken eyes we saw through in dreams gone, both dream and lie…” (see a 1990 live version on YouTube here).

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