How to drive away Facebook visitors!

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Scare Away Customers from your Facebook Page - digital media

10 Ways to Scare Away Customers from your Facebook Page

As my friend, Alan Stevens, in the UK, says, lots of companies now have Facebook pages. But, you would have thought it was asocial media / digital strategy.  With customary British humo(u)r, Alan points out that [for some businesses] “there’s always those annoying folk – potential customers – who keep landing on the page and asking for things.” Alan drew up ten things to keep those annoying likely purchasers away from your Facebook page:

  • Give detailed information about the history of your organisation
  • Use cheap clip art and standard images
  • Tell the visitor what their problem is
  • Invite them to participate in some mind-numbing “game”
  • Insist on customer registration before they can see all the features
  • Have text scrolling across the screen, like a neon sign
  • Have out-of date competitions and offers
  • Ask for comments, then ignore them
  • Ask for comments, then argue with them
  • Promise new features, but never deliver them

I might also use: poor spelling (especially in the title), offensive language, …

Sometimes, setting the counter example is as good a pedagogical tool as there gets!  Thanks Alan.

Anyone else have other great examples of how to keep those pesty potential customers away from your Facebook page?


“This information was written by Alan Stevens, and originally appeared in “The MediaCoach”, his free weekly ezine, available at”

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