I recently put this presentation up on Slideshare, entitled the “Top 6 Reasons Why NOT to Join Facebook.”   Thought I’d post it here too.  The original presentation (in Keynotes) comes with some fun animations and is set to a song I co-wrote with an old-friend Stephanie Singer, many moons ago, entitled, “Convinced Man”… featuring the line “I like the feel of stranger tucked around.”

Top 6 reasons NOT to join FacebookView more presentations from Minter Dial.
Here is the text that is in the presentation in case you are interested:

  1. Facebook is dangerous.  People can see everything you do.  I don’t want to share my information with everyone.  They will find out who are your friends. They can post anonymous criticisms.  People say the most stupid things.
  2. It’s a big waste of time.  I know people who get addicted.  No one has ever given me a compelling reason to join.  I get everything I need from Linkedin.  I’ve heard some places where the employees spend countless hours on it.  I don’t want to mix business with pleasure.
  3. My kids are on it. It’s not serious.  It’s just a bunch of games.  My kids will see what I’m doing.  See what they are putting up on their wall?  Who knows, next my parents will be on it, too.
  4. It’s not useful. It will probably disappear.  You can’t measure the return.  No one can build a company on Facebook.  I only believe in real relationships.  I can’t use my own social network.
  5. It won’t last. Something else will come along.  What if Google buys Facebook?  I’ll stick to what I know.  Clearly, it’s just a bubble about to burst.  Show me the business model!
  6. And finally, last but certainly not least:  I don’t know how it works. The rules are always changing.  There is no instruction manual.  How do I deal with those requests from strangers who want to connect? I don’t know how not to ‘accept’ friends.

Updated on April 19, 2010 (in blue):  For some reason, I am not able to embed my own presentation.  Will check that out later.  I have managed to embed the presentation now (above), although it evidently in flash, meaning that iPhone users will not be able to enjoy! Anyway, as of this morning, after being up for two days on Slideshare, the presentation has been viewed 1078 times and been downloaded some 50 times. I will be most curious to see how those statistics progress.  Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to drop in your comments and any improvements you’d recommend.

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