Wajam co-founder & CEO Martin-Luc Archambault

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A Social Search Optimizer


CEO & Co-founder Martin-Luc Archambault

Martin-Luc Archambault, 30, is a “serial entrepreneur” in the tech/web world. Based out of Montreal, Quebec, he is CEO and co-founder of Wajam, a social search optimizer or add-on that is still in a private beta phase (launched in February 2011).  In addition, Martin-Luc is CEO and co-founder of Bolidea, a start-up incubator (“business accelerator”) that is designed to allow the team “to build many businesses at the same time.”  You might say that, with Bolidea, Martin-Luc is your archetypal Gen Y entrepreneur (although don’t try to find his personal profile on Twitter or Facebook!).

In this interview, we discuss how Wajam works and how the playing field looks with the arrival of Google’s +1 and Bing’s alliance with Facebook.  Personally, I find Wajam is an enticing proposition to layer on top of my browser.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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To find Martin-Luc on the web:

  • via Twitter @Bolidea or Wajam’s Community Manager, Emilie Dupre @emdupre
  • Martin-Luc on Linkedin (professional profile)


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