I just had my 20th year reunion at INSEAD in Fontainebleau. It was a magical affair. Some 80 of my year came, with about half accompanied by significant others, to bring the total on site up to 120+ people. It was our first bona fide Facebook reunion as well, to the extent that we concocted a private Facebook page for those who are on Facebook.

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Checking in every 5 years

The shame of school reunions is that they happen only every 5 years. And, five years on, we are talking about how long it’s been, how we should do it more often, how we haven’t (or have…) changed and more.

Since our last reunion was in 2008, Facebook has taken on a global proportion. At the last reunion, I was on Facebook of course, along with some 100 million other users — it’s probable, however, that the majority of my classmates were not yet onboard.  At this time, those in our class who are not on Facebook have done it by choice. [I totally respect the choice.]

Facebook reunion online…

Of the 218 people initially in our class, about half are on Facebook and nearly all of these Facebookers joined the private group. Even if, in absolute terms, that’s not a large group, we managed to create a regular flow of conversation.

Prolonging the pleasure

Reunions are great because they are in person, real.  We get to “check in” with each other.  However, there’s no reason that these reunion gatherings couldn’t be augmented by some virtual conversation. It sure would fill the space. In fact, the term of a blended reunion comes to mind, where the reunion happens before, during and after the specified date. Just like for learning: we have the opportunity to do in class learning as well as distance learning.

Blended reunion

blended reunion, Facebook reunion, the myndset digital marketing

Herewith, I launch the new concept of the “blended reunion.” Whereas people refer to blended reunions as a blend of years (eg two or more classes regrouped), I am referring to blended in time and space: a reunion that can start online in the many months leading up to the event. Even the ability to use Facebook during the event (for check-ins, uploads, the weekend agenda…), and then, of course, post weekend, to keep the connection, conversation and images being shared.

To the extent Facebook (and other similar social networks started out as a school-based network, i.e. thefacebook, copainsdavant), you would think Facebook could provide a ready-made solution for such practices… Don’t you agree?  I did find a post that shows how to use the “event” tab, replete with an embedded PayItSquare payment system. But, I think the whole approach could be much improved.  A new app or business venture, somebody? Not that everyone will join FB just for such a person, but it could be tempting for some sitting on the fence.

CALL TO FACEBOOK: Help us out and make an adapted Facebook reunion feature!  {Click to tweet to e-sign the manifesto!}

Your thoughts and reactions welcome, as ever.

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