With Twitter’s user base eclipsing 550 million, it can be a daunting task — especially for newer users — to find the right people to follow.  Leveraging an article entitled, “Who to follow on Twitter,” also published on Social Media Today, I created an infographic-style presentation on the 7 Archetypes of Twitter Users.  The idea is to present a quick read on an account in order better to identify whether the account may be of interest or not.

Twitter profiles

I identify 7 archetypes of Twitter users:

  1. The Social Star
  2. The Butterfly
  3. The Distant Star
  4. The Private Eye
  5. The Listener
  6. The Cycler
  7. The Egghead

For each archetype, I have created a typical profile, a description, a possible insight on the user and a rating on the degree of interest to follow (or to avoid) that user.  In this evaluation, I have focused only the individual accounts, as opposed to corporate accounts.  In addition, I note that I have excluded troll, spam or porn profiles.

The infographic – 7 archetypes of Twitter Users

The 7 archetypes, The Myndset digital marketing brand strategy

If you would like to download this infographic as a PDF, you can do so here.

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