The disruptive nature of the smartphone cannot be understated. This one device has transformed nearly every waking moment into a potential for digital conversation, media consumption, and real-world engagement. Smartphone-wielding consumers are now always-on and a few clicks from information, ratings, and peer insights that can dramatically shape the stores, restaurants, and businesses they visit. Indeed, well over 50% of all searches across Google’s properties now originate on mobile devices; further research also suggests that over 50% of those searches include some local intent.

And yet, look at the mobile advertising across any smartphone browser or app you own, and you rarely see local content or offers. This is the next phase of mobile disruption–using real-world consumer location to increase the relevance of mobile marketing. Apps, GPS, and beacons will all help shape the efficacy of local mobile engagement; however, it is up to brand marketers themselves to walk a mile in their customers’ shoes to truly appreciate when and where local content can positively impact their journey. This marriage of smartphone, consumer intent, and brand content can yield new business opportunities for every brand–but it will take a disruptor’s mindset as the consumer’s smartphone usage continues to evolve.

Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Chief Marketing Officer l Yext l

You can find Jeff on Twitter @JKRohrs

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