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I decided to send out a message about this very blog to my closer friends around the world… shamelessly promoting the blog or just wanting to reach out? Either way, will enjoy hearing your thoughts of the blog as new vehicle for having worldwide (hopefully interesting) conversations in the comfort of your armchair (if you so sit before your computer) and at your own time… Don’t forget to pour yourselves a scotch the next time.

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  1. Cindy in Toronto

    Great idea Minter – though I will not pour myself a scotch as it is 7:04 am. Your musings are intoxicating enough! P.S. I sympathize with your misery over the Flyers – my Oilers have lost ten in a row.

  2. MD

    That’s the crazy thing with the North American sports competitions — everyone has their turn at the top and if the team fails dismally one season, they get rewarded with the best draft picks. I always felt that the European football league promotion/relegation approach is much more meaningful (truer to life anyway!). In the meantime, we can look forward to next season.

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