A couple of weeks ago, we hosted what we believe (counted in the same way I count the number of Dead shows I went) was the about the 40th themed dinner party we have hosted, we went for the BIG one: a political dinner party. The invitees were asked to come as if they had won the French Presidential elections, it the first morning of your term (17th May 2007) and you have assembled your key advisors to whom you will announce your first five major decisions as well as the legacy that you intend to leave at the end of your term. Without going into the results of our dinner party, what struck us this weekend was that the Canal+ cable television will be hosting a session doing exactly the same questions. Not that I believe there’s a leak in our social network… but it is mildly worrying. What was convenient about this dinner theme, THIS time, was that with three couples, the women guests were as equally concerned as the men to the extent that there are four women candidates in France. The more the electorate truly thinks about what needs to be done [I can’t vote in France], hopefully, the more the vote will make sense.

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