We are 24 hours away from the French elections and I feel compelled to add a new comment. I read an article by Cyrille Lachevre entitled “La faiblesse de la compétitivité française,” in the Figaro on April 12, 2007. Other European countries are making strides to compete more effectively. The article referred to the Swedish decision to repeal their “Inheritance Tax” [equivalent to ISF here in France], while Germany is planning to reduce its public debt to 1.0-1.2% of its GDP in 2008 [half of the level in France]. Where do the current candidates refer to improving France’s competitiveness? This is not exactly on the French docket. There’s more about pride, but not enough about action! As Mr Lachevre says, who will be courageous enough to recognize the topic and, more importantly, provide the action plan to improve France’s level of competitiveness?

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