The Reds ran hard, had decent shots and, in the form of Xabi Alonso had brillance equal to any Kaka. In the end, AC Milan managed the deflection while Kuyt failed to put a leather deflection on a Gerrard shot. Then the “old” Inzaghi squirted around the defence and goalie and made it a double. In the end, the 89th “miracle in the making” goal was a nice thought (thanks Kuyt), but not enough. The red face of Carragher at the end said it all. The Reds were downed, if not drowned, in a ‘pool of sweat. An ugly affair. Can’t say Kaka played brilliantly and can’t muster enough good spirit to say Milan deserved to win. Just that Liverpool, the underdog, lost the chance of a true double. Am looking forward to what money bags (American owners) will do to the face of the club over the summer. Gerrard wasn’t in top form last night, but certainly look forward to a few more years with Stevie at the helm.

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