Raising money (without raising hairs)

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Got this nice story courtesy of Bill in England. Lewis Cullman – notable NYC and Yale philanthropist – has written a little book about raising money, “Can’t Take It With You. The Art of Making and Giving Money.”

The story goes along the lines :
“Raising money is serious business, but keep your sense of humor. Things are bound to go wrong. Don’t worry. I’ll never forget the time Dorothy and I were at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan, at a party being hosted by Bernard Schwartz, the CEO of Loral, the big armaments maker. When Dorothy greeted him, she asked Bernard whether his company could donate its products as prizes for an upcoming fund-raiser. Naturally, Bernard’s jaw dropped in disbelief: Who is this crazy woman who wants rockets for door prizes? On the way to the party, I had told her that Bernard was head of Loral, but she thought it was L’Oreal, the cosmetics maker. The confusion was cleared up!”

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