Sarkozy better/mieux for/pour les relations France/USA

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Here is the first “thread” for this blog: Will Sarkozy be better or worse for relations between France and the USA (compared to Chirac)? And whom among the 2008 Presidential candidates in the USA will be his best complement?

Voici un premier “filon” (pas de reference au futur PM potentiel) du blog: Est-ce Sarkozy sera mieux ou pire pour les relations entre la France et les Etats-Unis (par rapport à Chirac)? Qui parmi les candidats pour le Présidentiel 2008 aux EU sera son meilleur contre partie?

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  1. Anonymous

    La question est à poser différemment: quelle administration américaine aura les meilleures relations avec la France, l’Europe et le Monde en général?

  2. victor

    anybody would be better than chiric. sarkozy clearly considers better relations with the US a high priority — he even mentioned it in his acceptance remarks on sunday night

  3. objunior

    Vaste question….Je pense que notre futur President se doit de faire un peu mieux. Il est deja un peu plus “open” sur les questions Internationales et surtout il sait Ecouter et prendre en compte les erreurs du passé. Pour le reste seul sa taille pourra semble t-il poser probleme..

  4. Decameron

    Good Morning Minter,
    Thank you for the comments regarding the Sarkozy win. Not that it matters but I was pleased to see him defeat Ms. Royal. Let us now see what the French do in the June National Assembly elections. It is true that he was pro-American during the election but his policy courage remains untested. There is a deep current of anti-Americanism and its twin brother anti-Semitism that runs through France. The antecedents of which are probably best left for another day.

  5. Anonymous

    As for Sarko,…let us hope that he provides, with Merkel, a new thrust of credible leadership in Europe. The place is reeking of serious vapidness and lack of vim.

  6. Eric BLOT

    Ce que je sais, c’est que les français qui vivent aux Etats Unis et qui ont donc voté depuis les US avait élu Sarkozy dès le premier tour (avec environ 56% je crois)

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