Are you on anyone’s mailing list? Have you created mailing lists at work? Have you created mailing lists at home? Well, I can answer yes to all the above. However, thanks to a recently diverted email I received from my father, I noticed [not without a little jealousy] that he was on a mailing list entitled “intellectual.” I love the classification. It gives a whole new spin to distribution lists. Is there a “dummy” list? Other ideas could be “in crowd” or how about “apolitical” or “unmarried” or “sick sense of humor.” How about “people who never open emails” or again lists of “-ists” (i.e. psychologists, journalists) and “-full” (i.e. a handfull) and “-phobes” and “-phylls.” What are your favorite rubrics?

On a separate note, I think it would be appropriate that, even on a friend-to-friend level, there be widgets that allow for opting out/unsubscribe easily. When you notice that you are part of the “dummy” gang, for example.

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