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Are you on anyone’s mailing list? Have you created mailing lists at work? Have you created mailing lists at home? Well, I can answer yes to all the above. However, thanks to a recently diverted email I received from my father, I noticed [not without a little jealousy] that he was on a mailing list entitled “intellectual.” I love the classification. It gives a whole new spin to distribution lists. Is there a “dummy” list? Other ideas could be “in crowd” or how about “apolitical” or “unmarried” or “sick sense of humor.” How about “people who never open emails” or again lists of “-ists” (i.e. psychologists, journalists) and “-full” (i.e. a handfull) and “-phobes” and “-phylls.” What are your favorite rubrics?

On a separate note, I think it would be appropriate that, even on a friend-to-friend level, there be widgets that allow for opting out/unsubscribe easily. When you notice that you are part of the “dummy” gang, for example.

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  1. guenaou

    hello minter
    toujours aussi riche tes commentaires .suis trés fan de daniel auteuil .je n’ai pas vue le film cela ma donné envie de trouver un moment pour le visionner.

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