Jobs and Gates D5 Interview – History continues to be made

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Taking the cue from my good blogging friend Eric, here is an 8 minute excerpt of Gates and Jobs being joint interviewed at the D5 WSJ Executive Conference. Sterling comments, jabs and complicity.

Two greats quotes (both from Jobs) from the interview:

At Apple, we have a saying of “The ship that leaks from the top…” [referring to management’s inability to keep a secret]

Referring to their relationship and quoting a Beatles song, Two of Us**: “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.” From the Let It Be album, produced on the Apple label of course.

As for the interviewers (Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg), I felt that at times they were trying to upstage Jobs and Gates. Swisher in particular was a little gauche, although I liked her last question: What’s the biggest misunderstanding about their relationship (led to Jobs’ Beatles quote).

Watch the 8 minute interview.

**duly corrected June 9 after appropriate comment! (thanks Goose)

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  1. Goose


    loving the blog, as per usual… but you “may” want to change something. the song is titled “two of us” not “you and i”.

    i wouldn’t want to have to delete the time you played “blackbird” on guitar from my memory bank on such a simple mistake regarding the beatles.

    a better question is why beatles fans can be this completely anal… for this i apologize!


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