Here’s an example of on-line learning, from Slate. There are only 12 kinds of ads. I thought this slide show by Seth Stevenson, revisting Donald Gunn’s 1978 theory about there being only 12 kinds of [master] ads possible, was a great little exercise. It certainly got me thinking about ad formats… on tv.

The only problem with this theory is that television ads are a thing of the past… (ref Joe Jaffe’s “Life after the 30 second spot.”) I am not able to refute the 12 ad formats, but I would be looking for the 12 new kinds of communication. I believe that with the evolution in channels and the consumer’s new and higher level of engagement, ads are turning into dialogue — pushing into the conscience and sub-conscience in a conscientious way. What about the concepts of opt in, consumer generated content, no logo [intuitive to the max] advertising, only logo [no message], word of mouth triggers… It would seem that transparency will be a seminal word for advertising of the future.

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