Full text feeds are better than ha[lf]..te[xt]..

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On the good advice of a charming new acquaintance, Jean-Marc, I was sent to the site techdirt.com. And, I immediately found an interesting piece of advice which I thought I would share: when creating feeds, allow for full text feeds. The polemic was initiated after the New York Times signed up the Freakonomics blog and only allowed partial text feeds. The “catch ’em” approach of truncated text feed is, per the techdirt advice, a short-sighted mechanism that frustrates more than it pleases and, along with the greater understanding that goes with reading a complete text, a full text feed will likely promote greater sharing and diggs, etc. So, throwing caution to the wind, and not getting caught up any more on the “number of visitors,” I have converted my feeders to full text.

Anyone else have any other advice on the topic?

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  1. Craig McGinty

    You might want to add a little interactivity into the feed itself.

    For example, giving people the option to email it to a friend, add to del.icio.us – similar in style to how you are doing with the stories themselves on yours site.

    All the best, Craig

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