What’s in a name?

After 1 1/2 years of existence, my blog continues to be an activity of no uncertain pleasure for me. I had for some time thought that the fact that its name, eponymous Minter Dial’s Blog, was not exactly a marketing angle, or meaningful brand name to anyone else who doesn’t know me. By and large, the core audience for this blog has been and still is my circle of friends and in a wider sense, people with a similar broad set of interests (at least a few in common).

Reading Joe Jaffe’s “Join the Conversation” helped to shape the thought that made me move from Minter Dial’s Blog to Minter Dialogue Blog. My solo brainstorm came up with a second name, Minter Diablogue, for the French version of my blog perhaps (blog in Québec is blogue…clin d’oeil à Michelle). As with many ideas, I certainly am not the first to think of the link of dialogue and blog (among others, this was a one-post wonder blog DIABLOGUE). So, I stuck with the initial concept.

Dialogue Diablogue Blog ConversationSo, what’s in a name, really? At the very least, this revised name will remind me of why I am doing this blog!

Minter Dialogue will have the ambition over time to create more dialogue, and be less of a monologue as I try to improve a weak conversion rate of reader to commenter… (come on and join the conversation!)

So, what do you think of this name change? Anything? Nothing? At some point, I may have to change the url, too, the thought of migrating the blog seems like quite a challenge.

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