Euro 2008 Semi-FinalsThe ongoing Euro Cup 2008 is showcasing a new set of teams and cast of players, specifically in the form of the never-say-die Turkish team and the pesky Russians. There have been a number of ‘disappointments’ (depends on your perspective, of course) proving that, aside from talent and money, it is important to have good chemistry and timing (as in, when you peak). With the semi-finals now just around the corner, the heavy favourites must be Germany, with a likely final opponent of Spain. But, I suppose you never know. Are Turkey’s squad of 14 and Russia’s need for revenge against Spain going to be enough?

Personally, I’d love to see Russia versus Turkey in the final.

However, one thing I remain curious about is how or who ruled that the players must come from the country to play on a team, but a coach can be another national (as in Russia’s Guus Hiddink who coached the Russians past his own nation). Seems odd, no?

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