Itouch/Iphone – In Search of The Great Ripoff?

I have been converted from the evil PC world to the wonders of the MAC. Despite having a wife who worked for Apple for five years and owning the very first ipods, I still maintained my PC world at home. Then, in 2006, I was finally swayed to Apple-ize our home. The ipods were upgraded and the itouch was a natural next step (blackberry at work).

However, while one must marvel at the recent marketing campaign and synchronized worldwide launch of the new iphone (including the price democratization and ability to swap in the old iphone for a relative pittance), how on earth can Apple justify not having some of the most basic functionality on the iphone/itouch, including specifically the search function? The Random Access search function is one of the MAJOR reasons (beyond backing up) that PDAs are better than paper-based agendas/address books.

People are talking rampantly in forums (e.g. a Psychiatrist lamenting the same and about how a team in New Zealand has been disallowed from selling the a search widget). SiliconeValleyWatcher has been on the case since last summer… And here another post on everythingicafe.

How is that Apple has not been listening to its passionate users?

Blog Wired suggests that Apple is working on it… but there is a shroud of secrecy on this and any other improvements. Reading the blogosphere, there are many other people complaining. It seems like a very basic slip up… and when you consider the cost of these machines, they are surely losing some clients (of course, not enough yet… as they rather need to increase the production of the iphones as the customers continue to queue up at stores around the world).

Nonetheless, Apple should send out an apology and, very quickly, get a firmware update FOC.

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