Apple Computer AdvertisementFeeling nostalgic during these difficult times?  You are not alone.  Many people, in this worrisome period (in spite of the arrival of Obama), are looking for creature comforts, reassurance and transparency.

In the spirit of rekindling nostalgic moments, below is a little trip down memory lane, with the quixotic Steve Jobs launching the original Mac.  Not that one needs to worry today about Apple just yet–despite Steve Jobs’ evidently serious health issues–as the company has just beaten forecasts in its F1Q09 (quarter ending Dec 2008) and seems to be weathering the storm perfectly.

Apple Computer 1984 Big Brother AdvertisementThe launch presentation is quaint and yet visionary.  Jobs says, “come see the Macintosh in person…” Revealed as if the 1984 Mac were a human being (not Big Brother), this is an engaging 4:48 video, showing just how human the box could become.  Macintosh speaks for itself, truly.  And the Apple journey continues today, with plenty of vices — but on the whole, LOTS of pleasure and, given the look and feel, plenty of humanity, too.

Could it be that the “lipstick effect” may be becoming the iPod effect? Rather get the latest iPhone or iPod than the newest shade of red lipstick? More likely that people are cutting back on other items other than the little cosmetic luxury they can afford. But, I believe that the paradigm is shifting and the indispensable expense now includes your mobile communication/ music player.  The mobile is social, business and personal.  And the innovation of the i-P set of products have driven that change.  And, you have to tip your hats to Apple for not having gone to any drastic discounting measures in the face of difficult economic times.

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