BFM Radio in Car

In my car, with its digital radio station interface, I noticed that BFM Radio 96.4 (above), a French business radio station, is now getting into the RSS live streaming act.   Toggling between different business indicators (the levels of the different stock market, FX exchange rates) and the radio’s own title, the radio dial almost takes on a life of its own.  I am not sure when this change was first put in place, but it’s awfully good.  I remember seeing in the US that some radio stations now stream the songs that are playing which is even better.  However, I still think that the improvement in BFM is very good.  I will be curious to see how and how quickly other radio stations react.

Below, the Euro to US Dollar rate at 1.38.
BFM Radio dans la Voiture

Or the level of the CAC40 (France’s equivalent of the Dow Jones) at 3257 on this particular morning.

What other good ideas are radio stations implementing?

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