Jawbone Original Earpiece

I am now the owner of two Jawbone bluetooth earphones, the latest of which is the snazzy Jawbone Personal NoiseAssassin, with its medical-grade plastic and leather earloops. With the NoiseAssassin feature, the ambient noise does diminish considerably. You can catch a video demonstration on their site (but you won’t find any social media connectability, too bad!) of an attractive woman talking with the headset while walking through a construction site or riding in a car derby. Given the new art direction for the current website, you can see that Jawbone’s marketing team is in full swing. Earpiece as accessory? Absolutely. Check the array of colours you can get (or even the bright red below).

Red Jawbone Design

On another note, for my original Jawbone, which is no longer in production, the earloop snapped off and, unlike the newer model, did not come with replacement loops. Faced with no further production, I luckily was able to get in touch with a very thoughtful Amy at Customer Service who has promised to send me a replacement earloop. Very cool, as I was not able to prove that my Jawbone was less than a year old (it was a gift). Amy’s mails were personal and included useful links to figure out where the Date Code would be (in my case it was missing). She also wrote: “We have had some Original Jawbone customers report that they can use the Original Jawbone without an earloop. One thing you might want to try is using a larger earbud, and no earloop, and seeing if the Jawbone feels secure in your ear.” Anyone else have the same earloopy experience?

In any event, Jawbone has managed to maintain this happy customer. As I like to say, “When it’s good, it should be reported!”

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