Coincidence or Purposeful Juxtaposition?

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Sometimes, you do have to wonder if IT is on purpose.  I opened the Herald Tribune yesterday (Sept 15, 2010) and, as is my wont, turned to the world news section (page 4).  Below is the spread of the top of the page.

Take a look and see if you see what I saw!

International Herald Tribune – International News

Hint #1: the photo.  A close-up of the photo shows the Guardia Civil in Spain hauling documents after raiding some ETA offices.  The Guardia Civil are heavily masked — out in the open, in a very public place.  No big deal.  SOP, you might say?  However, I then read the articles on the left of the page…

Veiled Spanish Guardia Civil raiding ETA offices

Hint #2: Zoom in on the text on the left… The very same day, as reported by the Herald Tribune, the French Senate voted favorably on a bill to ban the wearing of veils by Muslim women in public places — by 246 to 1, no less.

French bill prohibiting veils in public places

I have to wonder whether the editor of the IHT planned the juxtaposition or it is merely coincidental?  What do you think?

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