Interview with Jonathan Wolf, Product Strategist at Bazaarvoice

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Bazaarvoice Strategist: Jonathan Wolf

I had the chance to meet Jonathan Wolf at a Bazaarvoice meeting, held in Paris.   Jonathan, who is stationed in London, is the international product strategist for Bazaarvoice.  Bazaarvoice basically allows companies to create their own ratings & review system, embedded in their own site (especially for eCommerce) to enable them to capture and listen to the customer conversation.  Prior to joining Bazaarvoice,  Jonathan worked at CoreMetrics (BazaarVoice’s founder, Brett Hurt, also founded CoreMetrics).  I am impressed with what Bazaarvoice is doing.  For brand marketers who don’t have a social/comment section on their site, this is a must-see if not a must-do service.

Jonathan can be reached on his email: jonathan AT or via LinkedIn (Jonathan Wolf).

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